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Vintage Design Studio Services

Vintage Expert

Looking to add vintage to your home, business or special event? We can help. Did you inherit items from a family member and you don't know if they are vintage, or antiques, want to know if they have any value? We can help. Do you items you would like to get rid of? We can help.

Retro living room design with old television, cabinet and radio along with work area with
Vintage Office Poster
Woman celebrating with room full of balloons.jpg

Lisa Stavinoha Vintage Design Studio strives to create spaces within your home by using vintage, that reflects you the homeowner. We create custom rooms decorated to your life, not what we want. At Vintage Design Studio we work hard to listen how you use your space and what your vision is.  Click the Free Initial Consultation button below to schedule your Free Initial Consultation. We are happy to meet and tour your home over zoom and facetime, if that is more comfortable for you. In person walk throughs are preferred.

Lisa Stavinoha Vintage Design Studio is here to take your office from work place drab to Business Executive Wow! We work vintage into the office setting in subtle and business appropriate ways. The overall look is amazing and will impress not only the boss, but employees and clients as well. Click below to schedule your Free Initial Consultation below.

Whatever the circumstances, I am here to make your event extra special. The vintage elements we put together will help create a wonderful and unique experience for you and your guests. Being experienced in the vintage world as well as an event planner for many years, the benefit goes to you and your amazing events!Click below for your Free Initial Consultation.

Big mess in an over stuffed suburban garage..jpg
Vintage tea parties for every special occasion. Also makes everyday occasions very special.

Life changing event? Assisted living? Death? Need help downsizing or clearing out a whole house and don't know where to start? Contact me today and I will come out and walk through your home, create an appraisal for you so you have more knowledge moving forward to your next step.

Is there a special occasion in your 

future, wedding? baby? birthday? anniversary? new job? graduation?Having a girls day? Contact us and celebrate with an authentic Vintage

Tea Party!

We have 4 options available for you to choose from and each option has

loads of customizable features.  As 

well as A La Carte options. Follow the

link above to our 4 options and much


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