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In our ULTIMATE Holiday Tupperware Storage Package we have:

1. Sheer Pie Carrier with handle

2. Divided Vegetable Tray Circular - sheer with handle

3. Beige Devil Egg Storage

4. Beige Cheese Storage

5. Green Pickle Storage

6. Green Jello Mould

7. Sheer Jello Mould with 3 jello mould endcaps

8. Beige and Gold Oil and Vinegar Set

9. Beige Condiment Caddy with serving spoons and lids

10. Small Green Cheese Grater with Lid

11. 6 12oz Tumblers

12 Orange 2 Qt. Pitcher with lids

13. 4 Multi Color Spice Storage Interlocking with lids

14. 8 Cup Measuring Cup No Lid

15. 4 Cup Wet Dry Measuring Cup


If you want a Holiday Storage Bundle but not this one, contact us! We are flexible and will create whatever Holiday Storage Bundle combination you would like!

Ultimate Holiday Storage Bundle **NEW BUNDLE JUST CREATED FOR YOU**

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