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Did you decide to throw a Halloween party but there is only 4 days til Halloween? Don't sweat it, we will let you in on all the event planner secrets and your party will look like you have been planning it for a year or longer.

First, we should talk Halloween decor. This one is easier than you think, just got o your local party store, or discount box store. If things are picked over, you might have to drive around a bit. However, if you cannot find any Halloween specific decor, here are some things you can look for: black and orange crepe paper, black, orange, green and purple boas, tablecloths of purple, green, black and orange (or a combo of those that you like) Napkins, plates and cups in your Halloween color choice. Another great source for Halloween decor items are the big craft stores like Michaels, Tuesday Morning, etc... Here you can buy some netted tulle in the wedding section, if they have black or you can dye white. If you want, you can make some pumpkins or buy real ones at your local grocery (this is the preferred option, then when done feed the pumpkins to the wildlife and spiders.

To make your own spiders and/or pumpkins you need dried split green peas or other very small beans. You will also need some black and orange felt or fabric, the choice is up to you, google eyes, . You will also need a sewing machine for super simple sewing or fabric glue, up to you and what you have available. Cut the felt and/or fabric in circles, about 10 in. diameter. After cutting out your circle, fill with the split peas, place another circle on top and sew around the edges. After closing the edges and making sure they are secure, add google eyes to the top and the pipe cleaner legs. For the pumpkin you can add a stem and a leaf.

Next on your list for your last minute party is Food and Beverages! This one is super simple, head over to my youtube channel and watch my video on last minute party ideas: (first part of video is super quiet but you can still hear me.

Lastly, send out those last minute invites!

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